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Unleashing the Power of Jala: A Call to Scholars, Researchers, and Thinkers to Explore and Co-Create Knowledge on 'Jala Connect' for an Inclusive and Sustainable Future

Jala Connect Welcomes Scholarly Contributions:

  • We cordially invite enthusiasts of social sciences and humanities to share their unique insights on Ethiopia and Africa, focusing on the complex socioeconomic and political dynamics of the region. Contribute your Research Spotlights, Reflective Blogs, and Study Findings that shed light on these intricate aspects.

  • Submissions should be within the word range of 800 to 1500. We encourage you to harness your unique writing style and choose your preferred format to vividly articulate your perspectives.

  • Feel free to present in English, Amharic, Oromifa, Sidama, or any other regional language. Please ensure to properly acknowledge and substantiate any claims or references made in your work.

  • You may communicate with the web admin via: jalaconnect48@gmail.com.